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Trenchless Pipe Repair Gaining Ground in Birmingham

Pipes fail. It’s just the sad truth. Over many years, your business’ piping systems corrode and rust, leading to holes, blockages and tears. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing leaks, clogs and an overall inefficiency of your system. It could mean your piping system is in need of help. Here at Chadwick Plumbing, we specialize in no dig pipe repair in Birmingham AL. With no mess, inconvenience or stoppage of your work, we can provide trenchless pipe repair for your property in no time. We cater to a variety of commercial customers, including hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, schools and hotels.

You Don’t Have to Dig Up Your Yard!

Part of the problem with traditional pipe repair is the mess that comes with it. As a business owner, you can’t afford the downtime in productivity lost when a major pipe repair project is going on, not to mention the eyesore that is caused by big trucks and machines being on your property for days at a time. Rather than dig up your yard, here at Chadwick Plumbing, we use innovative pipe lining products that negate the need for digging. This means you can go about your normal routine with no loss in productivity.

Solutions that Work for You

Here at Chadwick Plumbing, we use only the most trusted brands and processes as part of our trenchless pipe repair services. For relining our pipes, we use products by Nu Flow, which manufactures and installs state-of-the-art technologies to restore the interio

Non-Pressurized Epoxy Lining (CIPP): Nu Drain

Rather than digging up your pipes using traditional pipe system replacement, we utilize an in-place pipe restoration process that’s both economical and efficient. We can restore corroded piping systems to superior condition without the need to dig and remove them. We install an epoxy liner to the interior which seals and protects the system from further deterioration, thereby extending the lifespan of your pipes. Our process is designed to adhere to several different materials, from clay and concrete to metal and PVC.

Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner process allows your employees and customers to carry on with their daily duties undisturbed. No need to shut down your business for days and no mess to contend with. This is a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system, and it’s beneficial because it gives you a long-term, structural pipe solution that fits inside your existing pipe system, resulting in an increased flow rate, strengthened joints, sealed cracks and prevention of groundwater pollution.

Pressurized (Epoxy Coating): Nu Line

The epoxy coating process can also restore aged piping systems and copper pipes with tiny leaks, blending the right viscosity, cure time and equipment required for superior pipe adherence. This epoxy coating, applied to the inside of the pipe, seals and protects your pipes, whether you have galvanized steel, iron, copper or lead materials. We use a blown-in epoxy coating process that allows your employees and customers to keep up with their daily activities with no work stoppages or business closings. First, the water is drained out, then a dry heated air is blown through the pipes to make sure no moisture is present. Sand-blasting ensures the interior of the pipe is completely clean so the epoxy can stick. The epoxy coating system is applied that results in a strong coating between the water and the pipe so corrosion cannot happen again.

Benefits of Nu Flow pipe relining

  • Prevents Root Intrusion
  • Stops Leaks
  • No Digging or Destruction
  • Structural Strength
  • Increases Flow
  • 50+ Years Life Expectancy
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Suitable applications for pipe relining

The Nu Flow process can be applied to a variety of pipe relining circumstances. Applicable pipe systems include:

  • Sanitary Systems
  • Storm & Roof Drains
  • Vent Systems
  • Mains, Horizontal Laterals, Vertical Stacks
  • Processed / Industrial / Chemical Piping
  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Industrial & Municipal Properties
  • Federal Properties

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